Multicultural Team Building

Team bonding is about a company’s employees coming together in a noncompetitive environment to participate in a common activity which explores a range of creativity.  This results in a sense of togetherness and personal accomplishment among their fellow colleagues.

What is day in Clay?

Pottery Corporate Team BuildingDay in Clay artist in residence programs infuses creativity, through group workshops into your corporate training program.  It provides your staff with a hands-on art experience in clay customized and designed for your company.  Participants are involved in the process of working with clay as they explore their creativity inspired by the multi-cultural richness and diversity of the ceramic arts through vessels, tiles and masks and potter’s wheel.  It’s very challenging and satisfying to create something of value with your hands as everyone will easily do under my direction.

Hands on program

All participants will be creating a one of a kind finished work in clay in a 60 – 90 minute session depending on which project (vessels mask and tile making). Within minutes, participants are involved in the process of working with clay as they explore imagery, pattern and symbols of the various cultures. We will incorporate hand building and painting techniques reminiscent of the various cultures. Included are a few short hands – on demonstrations by the artist in residence while making reference to large photographs of various imagery patterns and symbols of the region of pottery that will be explored.Pottery Corporate Team Building

Demonstration program

Participants witness the history of clay in art and culture as master potter, Cliff Mendelson demonstrates creating large vessels which can be collaboratively inscribed and decorated by the participants. Participants can come up and work on the potter’s wheel with hands on instructions.

Staff will help design and tell a story on the actual vase that will be created during the demonstration. They will be inscribing directly into the vessel in a similar fashion as the Greek potters.  The participants will develop their own symbols, patterns, and imagery that best relates to their own life or corporate theme.  (See fundraising possibilities)

The program is very inspiring and educational to all those involved.  I will be putting additional attention on discussing the nature of the creative process and how it relates to all disciplines.


Pottery Corporate Team BuildingSome programs can result in a fundraising charitable effort to benefit any cause or foundation that might be aligned with your company’s ideals.   It can create corporate visibility to the community as high profile individuals or celebrities are immortalized on the vessel and auctioned to raise funds.

Take away’s: 

  • Creating a finished work of art,   resulting in a sense of confidence and accomplishment from trying something unfamiliar and succeeding.
  • Decreases stress
  • A sense of accomplishment of Individuality easily expressed and manifested through the clay medium.
  • Strengthens bonds between people in an easy and natural unforced way.
    • Solve unexpected problems individually or as a team in a non-verbal medium with clay.
    • Increases self-confidence and problem solving skills.
    • An educational multicultural experience through the art of clay.


Value for the company

  • Relieves stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning and more creativity in the workplace.
  • Sharing ideas in a noncompetitive atmosphere helps crate comradery.
  • Empowering experience with positive outcomes for the organization on the whole.
  • Integrate cultural diversity, creativity and team-bonding into your corporate training program.
  • Encourages a flexible and inclusive workplace, that is strengthened and empowered by its diversity
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