Educational Programs

Day in Clay provides diverse multi-cultural programs (from K – 12, + special needs) hands-on projects and demonstrations with art history and culture. Professional artist, Cliff Mendelson brings his prestigious teaching experience to your school, for an energetic program, exceeding the expectations of students, faculty, and the PTA/PTO cultural arts coordinators.

Day in Clay will transform your art room into a true artist studio, giving your students a real taste of the creative process, and illustrate how design, ‘form and function’ relate across disciplines. A custom-designed program to fit your curricula in English, social studies, arts & science will bring new meaning to your lesson plan.

Students are engaged a range of hands – on programs that explore of Greek vase painting, African/Japanese masks, Native American ceramics, or collaborative projects such as tile-based theme murals… Students discover how individual expression joins the continuum of art history.

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