Assembly Programs

A Multi-Cultural Journey in Art & Design on the Potter’s Wheel

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  • Minimum 50 students (double class) —many art rooms can accommodate 50 students.
  • Provide a venue where students can easily view the demonstration.

The event

  • Describes art and visual design in  multiple cultures
  • Inspires student’s three-dimensional work throughout the year
  • Engages students in a collaborative way — these are not individual projects

Cost benefit

  • The assembly program is a cost-effective opportunity to engage more students.
  • Different grades and classes can participate at one time.

As artist-in-residence I focus attention on the creative process and how it relates to all disciplines in life.

About the Assembly

We explore different cultures during a  live demonstration —and discuss the steps that an artist takes in the creative process. Students watch unformed clay rise from the potter’s wheel into a beautiful vase or bowl.


Large scale forms are engaging and inspiring. We’ll look at how they have played a role in Native American, Greek, Japanese, Latin American, and African cultures. My background in art, art history and multi-cultural comparisons lead to a discussion with students on the stories each culture tells through their art.



Assembly Program, Potter’s Wheel Demonstration


Assembly Progam: Potter’s Wheel Demonstration



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