Multicultural Fund Raising

School fundraiser for the arts

Students participate in a collaborative effort that results in one decorated vessel per class. Customize and personalize each class’s pot with students’ signatures, patterns and school themes for auction. Each class’s finished, glazed and fired piece can be showcased and become a source of the fundraising activity. Great community event.

Fundraiser—auction for the arts
Results Schools have raised over $1,500 on a few of the student’s works
Display Students’ finished pieces can be showcased  in the library or school hallways for parents and relatives to view
Press and publicity View the finished work for students to enjoy as a witness to the fruition of the ceramic process.  Invite the press.
Raffle Sell a $10 – $15 raffle ticket to bid on their children’s collaborative work of art
Presentation Slide show of photos and video play on a monitor re-living the day’s events.
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“Student’s pottery exemplify the patterns and textures of various cultures explored during Day in Clay workshops. ”
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