Multicultural Ceramic Mask Making at Seely Place

Multicultural Mask

On Friday, January 9, Artist-in- Residence, Cliff Mendelson shared his expertise and talent as he demonstrated the art of Multicultural Ceramic Mask Making in a workshop for third grade students of Seely Place Elementary funded by Edgemont PTA Cultural Arts Committee.

Students enjoyed learning about the process and effort involved in creating ceramics pieces and gained an appreciation for cultures that are unfamiliar to them. Samples of finished works were discussed in light of the history of art in various cultures and how its applications are alive in the world today.

Students created their own individual clay masks using the style and techniques of many cultures including Greek, African, Asian and Native American. The various symbols, patterns and imagery were utilized in their own works to explore this tradition, rich in ceramic history. Students left feeling inspired and proud of their work that will be on display during the school’s Multicultural Feast in May.

“We are all looking forward to the Multicultural Feast which is a culmination of the third grade studies of worldwide cultures. The students are learning about customs, art, history, dance, music and foods that are outside the familiar to give a better understanding of the world we all live in.” explained Seely Place Cultural Arts Co-Chairs Laura Kim and Noelle Creed. “The Day in Clay is a special component of a year long mission where the students learn about the world trough explorations of creativity.”

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