Signature Keepsake Program

Signature Keepsake ProgramI welcome you to explore an approach to celebrate your event in a new and meaningful way. The Day in Clay Signature Program will engage your guests with a 20 minute performance, culminating in an heirloom piece of art–which they can sign!
Your guests enjoy an expert performance by a master potter—the creation on a potter’s wheel of a keepsake ceramic vase, bowl or scroll, and inscribe their signatures, to commemorate the event. The Signature Program provides you with an unexpected and engaging presentation, sure to be remembered by all who attend. After it’s over, you will receive a fired and glazed commemorative artwork that forever holds the memory of your special day.

The Signature Program Option–Signing Only

A custom personalized commemorative piece (s) is created in my studio and will be displayed on a table/booth area to be signed by all the guests. The creative process can be recorded on video, and viewed on monitors during the signature signing event.


They say that every piece of clay is a piece of someone’s life…it has its own small voice and sings in its own way.
— Byrd Baylor, poet



The Signature Program performance is great for your:

Wedding reception, Anniversary party

Religious celebrations: Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Communion and Confirmation

Birthday, Sweet sixteen, Graduation


Corporate  retreats,  team building, theme party



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